Milla's Misadventures

Two Saturdays ago at the farmers market the silliest thing happened, a customer accidentally grabbed my display pouch filled with play dough and rocks instead of the real puffs!

I recently started to make display versions of my puffs so people can understand what they look like without me having to take them out of the cooler (I don't want them to defrost). First, I color the clay to look like my cheese puff dough then I roll them around a small stone and shape them to look just like my puffs. Finally I package them and put them on display for customers to see.

A man decided to buy my bestselling cocktail sized parmesan and cheddar puffs. I had both the display and the real product on the table and while I wasn't looking away he grabbed the bag of rocks covered in clay! A few minutes later I looked to my left, and my dummy puffs were gone. I asked my husband Marcello if he remembered who it could have been and he mentioned a man with a sleeve of tattoos. This prompted me to run around the market frantically looking for a tattooed man. Unfortunately I couldn't find him.

A week went by and with no word from him I had lost hope. I prayed that he wouldn't try to eat them. A week later at the market a woman approached my booth and told me that, “even though {she} followed the instructions exactly, the puffs still came out hard as rocks!”. To which I responded with, “ that's because you baked a bunch of rocks…”.

For reference here are the dummies being made:

We start with the rock and mold the "dough" around it!

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